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Том 2 No. 2–3

Volume 2
September 2015
No. 2–3

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Editorial. Special Issue: 2015 “Cognitive Science in Moscow” conference

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Editorial in Russian

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Special Issue: 2015 “Cognitive Science in Moscow” Conference

Alexandra S. Litvinova, Patricia O. Ratmanova, Dmitry A. Napalkov

Top-down and Bottom-up Attention during Oculomotor Task Performance: Effects of Aging

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Olga Soloukhina, Maria Ivanova, Yulia Akinina, Tatiana Akhutina, Olga Dragoy

Development and Standardization of a Test for the Comprehension of Nouns and Verbs in Russian: Data from Individuals with and without Aphasia

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Elena Pronina, Alexei Korneev, Tatiana Akhutina

Brain State Regulation and RAN/RAS Performance in Primary School Children

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Olga V. Perepelkina, Irina G. Lilp, Aleksandra Yu. Tarasova, Vasilisa A. Golibrodo, Inga I. Poletaeva

Changes in Cognitive Abilities of Laboratory Mice as a Result of Artificial Selection

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Research Papers

Alexey A. Kotov, Tatyana N. Kotova, Elizaveta F. Vlasova

Preschoolers’ Inductive Selectivity as a Function of Implicit and Conceptual Learning

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Ekaterina Valueva, Ekaterina Lapteva

Using a Cue in Problem Solving: Modal Specificity or Universal Ability?

[Full text in Russian, English abstract on page 64]

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Research Notes

Dmitry Lyusin

The ANT in a Russian Sample: Testing the Independence of Attention Networks

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Varvara Dyakonova

On the Cost of Cognitive Functions. Comments on A.L. Krushinsky’s “The cost of problem solving: Biophysical background and probable evolutionary consequences”

[Full text in Russian, English abstract on page 76]

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